About Us

Who are we?

Hunter and the Harp was co-founded by Joel Robinson and Nerida Hanson who believed that Australians are curious enough and acutely aware of themselves to know they want to try new, exciting and innovative things. Australian’s like to sample new foods, to have new experiences and we want to be aroused sensorily; we’re becoming less materialistic and more experience gathering because when we grow old, it wont be that surround sound 3D TV that gets you up every morning, but rather the memories of good times shared with those you love.

The name came up from a core company value; family first. We strongly believe that strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet, and as soon as you walk into our tap room friends we shall become. But more importantly, when you leave you are now part of our family. This starts 100% with our name and logo. Hunter is the name of our 1st born little boy, who was two when the company was started. The Harp comes from the name of our 2nd born child; Harper who’s 16 months younger than Hunter.

Hunter and the Harp reflect that core value that any one is welcome. We don’t care if your male or female (or both or neither), straight or gay, young or old, if you’re a local, an out of towner or visiting from overseas. Your skin colour or political standings will never receive any judgement from us, we don’t mind what religious values you possess, we want you to come in, relax and laugh, meet new people and leave feeling like you’ll be back some day soon, as this home is never too far away.

Nerida and I are building a legacy for our children, a successful business for them to one day to take over and continue our vision. We believe in a triple bottom line:

SUSTAINABILITY- We wan’t the future generations to have an environment healthier, more productive, more beautiful and finally less degrading than the one we currently live in.

COMMUNITY- We will promise to source wherever possible products and equipment from local producers and manufactures in the community. We believe that supporting the local economy is paramount to the success of our business and in turn, will receive the locals support.

PROFIT- After all, we are doing this for a reason. We both want to abandon working for other people and create our own vision and life. This can only be possible if the business turns a profit but it is #3 for a reason. Without creating a sustainable future where the community benefits, what’s the point? We are not here to profit at other peoples expense or at the expense of the environment.

So that’s us. Hunter and the Harp, if you’re every around the Illawarra way, come in, we’d love to hear your story and let you sample some meads.