Your Logo is Cool; story please

Your Logo is cool, what does it mean?

Hey, thanks for the compliment, we think so too! If you’ve read who we are you already know the story of how the name Hunter and the Harp was born. The logo ties it all together, much the same way the Dude’s rug really tied the room together, our logo joins our history, our path and our future.

We decided to let the universe have a say in how we were to be represented and rather than choose one graphic designer to work with we went with the more unconventional approach of using an open source online website. We ended up with over 40 designs from 12 different designers who all brought some amazing and varied styles to select from.

The eventual winner ended up being someone from Australia. Who without us knowing actually lived where we lived! See the universe thing happening here? The designer, Mick Hart from Metal Screen Garage Designs hit the brief 100% and with some minor tweaks knocked it out of the park. It was hard deciding with so many styles but Mick’s approach felt like he knew who we were and what we were trying to achieve.

When you look at the logo, you’ll see an old ships’ helm in the background. That’s Joel’s old profession (and still is until the Meadery can pay him a wage) where for the past 20 years he’s worked as a Ships Captain. In fact it was in one of these maritime roles that Joel finally met the love of his life Nerida, so the ships helm is pretty significant. Nerida on the other hand has a knack for navigating the ins and outs of life and the finer details of running businesses.

As you know, Hunter and Harper are the two beautiful children of these two. The long arrow is a symbol for Hunter, straight and narrow it cuts through the logo and is a symbol of strength. The harp you see represents Harper, the beautiful music a harp plays can soothe even the wildest sea creature!

And there you go, that’s Hunter and the Harp. We wanted our logo to represent family. It might not look to family-ish (if that’s even a word) but when you walk in our door, you’re entering a place that welcomes you as part of our family.

Come in, sit down, bring your friends or your own family or just become an extension of ours.